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Why Our Free Claims Analysis Can Prevent ‘Claimitis’

Claimitis™ costs the state and its economy between $1 and $3 billion every year, according to the California Department of Insurance.

Many individual businesses can ill afford to see fraudulent claims sap their time and money.

Samuel Hale uses special means to help roll back the effects of Claimitis™ and prevent the problem in the first place. Businesses can start their service with us through getting a free claims analysis that outlines the problems and shows how Samuel Hale can solve them.

What Is Claimitis?

Most call it fraud. We call it Claimitis™.

Claimitis™ is an ever-expanding problem in California. Unethical individuals fake injuries and try to file fraudulent claims with the help of credulous or corrupt doctors. Unprofessional personal injury lawyers then complete the team causing the problem.

Specifically, Claimitis™ is the over-exaggeration or even the invention of a workman’s compensation claim. These can end up costing your business significant amounts of both time and money.

Key signs of Claimitis™ include post-termination claims, cumulative trauma, claims covering multiple body parts, and appeals to the WCAB. Too much Claimitis™ and your premiums can skyrocket, among other serious problems.

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How Can Samuel Hale Help?

Samuel Hale can help your business take advantage of a special carveout in the workers’ compensation system referred to as the Alternative Dispute Resolution process or ADR. Companies like Samuel Hale who are approved to work within it can provide expedited service.

An average claim, for example, without Samuel Hale can take nearly two years. Our program reduces that average to about six months.

How We Save Clients Money

The first step is to conduct a free claims analysis. At Samuel Hale, we use artificial intelligence-based algorithms to evaluate your situation.

Upon completion, our team can show you how much money you will save working with us.

Once signed up, you can take advantage of a number of services, including our Ombudsman who mediates every step of the claim process with the injuried worker. With a 90 percent success rate and a quick resolution of claims, our clients will pay less in lawyer fees and be free to concentrate on core functions rather than claims.

How We Protect You from Fraud and Litigation

Our team includes a number of field experts chosen to help companies reduce the risk of contracting Claimitis™. These include a medical director and nurse triage as well as access to a major medical provider network.

Employees also benefit in other ways, including a complimentary MEC plan, healthcare, and other benefit options, and access to a doctor 24 hours per day, seven days a week via TeleHealth.

We also have a proven successful return-to-work program that has helped to reduce costs overall and retain qualified help.

Letting You Get Back to Concentrating on Your Business

We understand how all-consuming workers’ compensation programs can be, especially to a small or medium-sized business with limited resources. Samuel Hale’s team of experienced professionals can handle your workers’ compensation program more effectively and faster than traditional means.

Reach Out Today

We invite you to not only check out our website, but also to learn more about the services that we offer. Businesses can not only suffer from Claimitis™, but also die of the condition. Our team strives daily to protect you from fraudsters determined to steal time and money through false claims.

Take the first step toward workers’ compensation health with our free claims analysis today.Contact us!