Most businesses operate on thin margins, achieving profit through careful budgeting. Maintaining your margins is a challenge when your established expenses climb year after year. Workers’ comp policies generate not only growing costs but also uncertainty as your rates increase by an unpredictable amount every year. One of the best ways to bring climbing expenses under control is by taking control of your workers’ comp policy.

Ways Business Can Reduce Workers’ Comp Claims:

Here are the top tips from Samuel Hale for businesses who want to improve their bottom line by reducing workers’ comp claims in California.

Improve worker safety.

Reducing workers’ comp claims in California starts from the moment you hire a new employee. By taking the time for thorough training, particularly with safety procedures, you can significantly reduce the number of injuries that occur at work.

Incorporating safety and personal responsibility into workplace culture encourages employees to take the steps necessary to keep themselves safe and healthy while they’re at work.

Worker safety isn’t a single-day event but involves ongoing training and coaching to ensure every team member knows the risks involved with their position and their responsibilities to stay safe.

Ways Business Can Reduce Workers' Comp claims

Act quickly in response to claims.

Because workers’ comp claims are stressful for both business owners and employees, some employers try to avoid dealing with injuries and accidents when they occur. However, this avoidance can result in a much more expensive claim. By taking quick action, reporting the injury, and providing an employee with fast treatment, you can reduce the ultimate expense of the claim.

When employees return to work, offer light-duty tasks to support their recovery until they’re back to one-hundred percent. By investing in your employees and their well-being, you can reduce fraudulent claims from your team.

Eliminate fraudulent workers’ comp claims.

The work culture of an organization can make a substantial difference in the rate of fraudulent claims. Treating worker safety as secondary to productivity or as an expensive hassle can make workers feel as though they––and their well-being––aren’t valued.

Incorporating safe practices into every aspect of your organization communicates to employees that their workplace values their well-being. As a result, they’ll be more invested in staying safe while on the job.

Switch from traditional workers’ comp to The Patriot Program.

The Patriot Program from Samuel Hale is a novel approach to workers’ comp that eliminates the yearly rate increases and stress, expense, and hassle of fraudulent claims. Our workers’ comp alternative addresses the concerns of both employers and employees.

  • Litigation prevention services
  • Workers’ comp claim administration
  • Safety and risk management
  • Improved workplace experience
  • Yearly savings
  • Stable expenses for quarterly growth

The Patriot Program focuses on the actual concerns of workers’ comp; the well-being of employees so they can return to work. We help to close claims quickly, outside of the hands of unscrupulous doctors and lawyers who may drag out the process for years.

We catch fraudulent claims fast before they go to court, and resolve litigated claims outside of the traditional court system to deliver fast solutions.

Tips from Samuel Hale for businesses who want to improve their bottom line by reducing workers’ comp claims in California.

Samuel Hale offers an alternative to reduce workers’ comp claims for California businesses.

California’s workers’ comp system is broken, leading business owners to slowly be overwhelmed by fraudulent claims, litigation, and rising rates. We offer the best rates in the state because we’re experts in closing claims quickly, catching fraud early in the process, and stopping litigation outside of the traditional court system. Instead of another flawed workers’ comp policy with rising rates year after year, Samuel Hale provides The Patriot Program. We offer an innovative approach and clear benefits for employers and workers.

Contact Samuel Hale to learn more about The Patriot Program and reduce your workers’ comp claims in California.