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A: Filing a claim with Samuel Hale is a short and easy process. First step is to ensure that the worker has called the nurse triage and filed the incident report. After that, you wil receive an email from Samuel Hale with next steps.
A: Yes. Samuel Hale is a unique co-employment business model that is styled after, what most would consider, a traditional PEO.
A: Aside from the aggressive Safety/Loss Control, Risk Management, and Claims Management we do for our clients, Samuel Hale was granted and approved for a program through the DIR, that allows us to use a separate Judicial System to resolve Workers Compensation Disputes. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). ADR statistically cuts claims costs by 50%, becomes an assistant to lower client Experience Modifications, and helps remove the “Friction” from the claims process.
A: A labor code “Carve-Out” is a provision of workers’ compensation reform legislation. Samuel Hale was approved by the State of California under Labor Code 3201.7 to conduct business under this provision which allows an employer to form a labor-management alternative workers’ compensation program known as a “Carve-Out.” The key feature of this carve-out is an ADR process.
A: Samuel Hale’s unique and exclusive ADR Program is designed to speed up the claims process eliminating any delays, removes the friction and the waiting, approve injured employees care quicker, and get employees back to work in a timely manner.
A: An Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process is judicial procedure used for settling disputes without litigation. LC 3201.7 utilizes an ADR process to expedite workers’ compensation claims and minimize the costs and time of an employee-related injury through the use of an Ombudsman, Mediation and Arbitration.
A: Every new client gets assigned a Safety Manager. The Safety Manager will do an initial walkthrough and provide a list of deliverables that can enhance the work environment from a safety perspective. They can help create safety handbooks, IIPPs, and assist in running safety meetings. They will also provide a Quarterly walk through and are available Monthly when needed. The Safety Manager will also provide a Mock OSHA visit to get the client ready for future OSHA visits. The Safety Manager will also attend the scheduled OSHA visit with the client. Safety Managers will also assist in implementing return to work programs.
A: All payroll and claim losses are reported to the WCIRB under the Client.