Workers comp for employers

You no longer have
to be a target

Samuel Hale’s Patriot Program consistently reduces the cost of worker’s compensation insurance for businesses all over California.

We get it. Running a business in California is tough.

California businesses’ face countless regulations, the high cost of worker’s compensation insurance, and to top it all off, the risk of litigation. Samuel Hale understands it’s tough, which is why we created Patriot program, helping businesses like yours contain employment costs.

The state of workers comp in California:

Your Business is NOT IMMUNE

How does it work?

Samuel Hale’s unique program makes doing business in California easy again.

California Carve Out 

We’re 1 of 70 entities with a special California Carveout. This carveout allows Samuel Hale run a unique program that reduces overall cost for our clients.


By using Alternative Dispute Resolution, we can reduce costs by bypassing the long and costly litigation process.


By offering workers an industry leading benefit package, we’ve repaired a frayed relationship between worker and business.

Samuel Hale's High X-Mod
Relief Program

Eliminates fraudulent and WCAB litigated claims, lowering your x-Mods, locking you in to dramatically reduced worker’s compensation premiums for 3 years.

No more fraudulent claims, unethical litigation, and wasted time. Enjoy more of lower premiums, drop in x-mod, and an average of 50% savings in claims cost! 

Special dispensation grant allows for resolution, not litigation

Samuel Hale is one of only 70 entities and municipalities granted special dispensation by the State of California to bypass the WCAB’s jurisdiction, and the only service provider able to extend this carve-out to qualifying employers.

Your workers get the best benefits in the industry.

Samuel Hale believes in the power of repairing the relationship between workers and businesses. Workers receive health services, a mobile app with instant pay, a pension, free training and PPE, and more! The result: a repaired relationship between workers and employers, leading to more productivity. Now that’s good business!

Understand your claims like never before monthly AI powered video reports.

Samuel Hale uses cutting edge Artificial Intelligence Technology to analyze and report on your claims in video format. Sit back and let us tell you about where you are experiencing claims and how to take action to prevent them. Samuel Hale is all about saving you time, money, and increasing productivity.

More than just insurance. It's a program.

We know that in California, Workers’ Comp Insurance isn’t enough. Samuel Hale takes a wholistic approach to reducing your employment costs. From Protection, to Administration and Performance, we are your employment partners.


Starting with audits and site inspections, to our ADR program, Samuel Hale provides the best protection for California businesses.


Our team of employment pros will have you covered from payroll, benefits, compliance, claims, and more. You’re in good hands!


Samuel Hale prides itself in proactively communicating performance through AI generated insights reports.

Samuel Hale's results speak for themselves

Samuel Hale is one of only 70 entities and municipalities granted special “carve-out” by the State of California to resolve disputes directly with employees outside of the WCAB. Samuel Hale is the ONLY of these entities with the ability to extend this protection to other qualifying California businesses. 

The savings generated from the results below are passed along to customers like you.


of claims are resolved internally


of claims are resolved in mediation


of claims are resolved in arbitration


of claims go to the WCAB

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