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The Solution To Workers’ Comp Fraud In California | Samuel Hale

Workers’ compensation fraud in California affects businesses and their employees. False claims by employees and service providers impact your business’s bottom line through increased insurance premiums and possible fines. Fraudulent claims impact employees by complicating the reporting process for legitimately injured workers.

Samuel Hale offers services to eliminate fraud and litigation from your workers’ compensation claims. Our effective interventions allow our clients to see a 50 to 80 percent drop in their incurred claims.

Let’s take a deeper look at the problem and our solutions.

Workers’ Compensation Fraud in California

The State’s Attorney for Riverside county reports four kinds of workers’ comp fraud in California:

  • Claim Mills: doctors and lawyers organize to recruit employees to file fraudulent claims, which are then processed by professionals who are in on the scheme.
  • Provider Fraud: where medical providers inflate billing and medical services rendered.
  • Premium Fraud: employers falsely state the nature of their business or the function of their employees to reduce the cost of insurance premiums.
  • Applicant Fraud: a false injury claim made by an employee.

While all forms of workers’ compensation fraud weaken the system for employers and employees, Samuel Hale focuses on providing remedies for fraudulent claims and unnecessary litigation that begins with a free claims analysis for employers in California.

A Broken Workers’ Compensation System

Here at Samuel Hale, we have a term for the broken workers’ compensation system in California – Claimitis™!

The term is shorthand for the artificially inflated workers’ compensation claims due to fraud and unnecessary litigation.

The workers’ compensation program was designed to help you. It wasn’t designed to make your business expenses and employee relations completely unpredictable and unmanageable. Samuel Hale has solutions for your workers’ comp fraud problems!

You may know that California businesses pay on average 300 percent more in workers’ compensation premiums that anywhere else in the United States. While the benefits of Workmans’ Comp remain the same across the nation, California businesses pay expensive premiums for a seemingly broken product.

False claims, poor service from your claims processor, and medical and legal professionals organizing fraudulent claims are what’s breaking the system. That’s what we call Claimitis™.

A Solution to Workers’ Compensation Fraud in California

The experts at Samuel Hale have created a duel approach to the problem of fraud in the California workman’s compensation system. The process begins with our free claims analysis where you’ll learn the truth about your workmans’ compensation situation.

Then, we’ll introduce Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to resolve open cases. This confidential method of resolving legal disputes outside the court systems speeds up the process while reducing costs for all involved. In our experience, 90 percent of cases that go through ADR do not need litigation.

Our second approach to the problem is a comprehensive, systemic approach we call The Patriot. This alternative to the traditional workers’ compensation system was created by a California Department of Workers’ Compensation alternative program. It expedites the claim process while speeding up an employee’s access to medical services. Watch this video to learn more!

It all begins with a free claims analysis

Tired of the stress, expense, and unpredictability of the workers’ compensation system? Take a step toward sanity in the workplace by getting a free claims analysis from Samual Hale! Get in touch now.  Work with our experts to get a complete understanding of your situation. Then, let us provide a roadmap for clearing out existing claims and managing future ones.

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