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Small Business Insurance Alternatives In Los Angeles, CA

As a small business, it can feel like monthly premiums and expenses are slowly boiling you to death. But the cost is much higher of not having insurance when an employee sustains an injury on the job. You’re not alone if you feel the California workers’ compensation system is broken. Small business owners support employees injured on the job, so they’re able to return to work. However, many businesses feel overburdened by fraudulent and litigated claims. One of the best ways to control costs is to use alternatives to traditional small business insurance for workers’ compensation.


What are California’s workers’ comp regulations?

California workers’ compensation benefits cover a variety of aspects of an employee being out of work, including:

  • Medical costs
  • Temporary and permanent disability
  • Vocational training
  • Death benefits
  • Compensable benefits

Our no-fault system doesn’t require employees to prove that anyone is responsible for their injury or illness. Because of the ease of filing, it falls to the small businesses to prove fraudulent claims.

While employees deserve benefits in the case of injury and illness, fraudulent claims put undue stress and uncertainty on business owners. That’s why many organizations are looking for alternatives to traditional small business insurance in Los Angeles, CA.


Small Business Insurance

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Are there alternatives to traditional workers’ comp small business insurance?

By law, you have to carry small business insurance in Los Angeles to ensure you can provide for your employees if they’re injured while on the job. If authorities discover you don’t have the required insurance, there are severe repercussions.

It’s considered a misdemeanor criminal offense, with penalties of fines not less than $10,000 and potential a year in prison, or both.

Samuel Hale provides an alternative to traditional small business insurance with The Patriot Program. It enables you to meet your legal obligations for workers’ comp protection. Still, it isn’t just another policy to cost you money.

How is The Patriot different from standard insurance?

The most significant difference between The Patriot Program and traditional small business insurance in Los Angeles is the bottom line and cost for small business owners.

  • Average number of days to close a claim
    • 240 across California
    • 67 with The Patriot
  • Average cost of claims
    • $68.9K across California
    • $5.6K with The Patriot

Companies that use The Patriot had no litigated cases throughout 2019. It provides many advantages over small business insurance, including:

  • Effective litigation prevention services
  • Workers’ compensation claim administration
  • Safety and risk management

The Patriot isn’t just for employers; it also creates better, safer work environments for employees.


Small Business Insurance in Los Angeles, California


What are the benefits of The Patriot for employees?

We present a co-employment strategy for California employees. When we partner with small businesses in LA, we ask their employees to join The PACT, a commitment to the ADR process for workers’ comp claims. When your team joins, they get added benefits, such as:

  • Full vestment pension plan after two years in The PACT
  • Complimentary MEC plan
  • Healthcare options and voluntary benefits
  • AD&D insurance plan

Our goal is to provide benefits for both employers and their team members for long-term savings.

Samuel Hale provides an innovative alternative to workers’ comp with Los Angeles small business insurance.

We work with small businesses to help them take back their business from workers’ comp fees, fraud, and litigation. If it feels as though you’re being boiled to death with fraudulent workers’ compensation, we can help. We understand the uncertainty of yearly policy renewal, where your organization’s history of claims and market conditions determine what you owe for the upcoming year. It may feel as though you have no control over your policy rates. But Samuel Hale offers a way to eliminate fraudulent workers’ comp claims and avoid expensive litigation.

Welcome to a team of innovators excited to introduce clients to alternative small business insurance in Los Angeles, California.