October 23, 2019

California delivery companies find stability despite regulatory volatility

FOLSOM, CALIFORNIA – Samuel Hale, LLC has pioneered an employment solution for the Last Mile Delivery industry in California. The California PEO’s new product is called Samuel Hale Last Mile Delivery (SHLMD), and it bundles the firm’s revolutionary process for handling workers’ compensation claims with a customized service bundle including payroll, employee benefits, workers’ compensation insurance, mitigation of labor claims, a pension and compliance with state and federal regulations.

The SHLMD solution is timely because California delivery companies were recently rocked by California Bill AB5, passed this September in response to the April 30, 2018 Dynamex Decision, which discourages the use of independent contractors – a staple in the Last Mile delivery industry.

In an era of explosive e-commerce growth, many delivery companies are searching for cost-effective ways to turn a contractor-based labor force into an employee-based labor force without destroying their businesses. Samuel Hale has a comprehensive solution that addresses more than just the workers’ compensation challenges.

“Since Dynamex, we have seen a large number of delivery companies struggling to find a way to comply with the new challenges of the California employment landscape. Delivery company owners demand the very lowest insurance rates possible because they have high operational costs. In addition to workers’ compensation, we built a product that also gives them protection from California’s complex labor laws as well unique tools for recruiting and retention. We are excited to bring a desperately-needed solution to this fast-growth industry,” said Samuel Hale CEO and founder, Michael A. DiManno.

On the workers’ compensation side, Samuel Hale is the only company to provide Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) through a carve-out agreement approved by the California Department of Workers’ Compensation. ADR has shown that it can save over 50% on the overall claims costs which, results in lower ex-mod rates and considerable savings on workers’ comp insurance premiums.

Employee benefits are delivered through “The PACT” – a trade association agreement with employees that gives them access to medical benefits, telehealth services, other voluntary benefit options, and most notably, a pension plan with two-year vesting.

While the SHLDM service bundle is new, Samuel Hale has strong track record of helping companies in complex industries save money on employment costs. Delivery executives who would like to learn more should visit

About Samuel Hale

SAMUEL HALE, LLC helps protect California businesses from the unpredictable and high cost of employment and workers’ compensation coverage. Created in 2016, the company is dedicated to eliminating fraud and unnecessary litigation in workers’ compensation claims and reducing clients’ workers’ compensation insurance premiums. Visit for more information.


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