August 26, 2020

FOLSOM, CALIFORNIA – Samuel Hale, LLC is pleased to welcome Pollie Pent as its new Director of Strategic Partnerships for the company’s Staffing Agency Workers’ Compensation Division. In this role, Pent will develop relationships with California staffing agencies and build market awareness of Samuel Hale’s unique SHE3 program, which drives down workers’ compensation insurance costs for staffing agencies in California.

Pent served as a City of Ione Patrol Officer, a former District Attorney Investigator and most recently as a detective for the California Department of Insurance, Fraud Division. There, she investigated workers’ compensation fraud, specifically in the staffing industry as well as Professional Employment Organization (PEO) fraud cases. Pent has a deep understanding of the California temp staffing industry, the PEO marketplace and the negative implications of fraud in the industry.

Pent possesses a unique sense of justice and an innate ability to detect and deter workers’ compensation fraud. These capabilities will further strengthen Samuel Hale’s already tough stance on workers’ compensation insurance abuse.

“Pollie is a dynamic leader who understands the challenges faced by California staffing agencies. We feel confident that business leaders will be enticed by the unique perspective Pollie can contribute to their workers’ compensation insurance strategies,” explains Samuel Hale CEO and founder, Michael A. DiManno.

Fraud deterrence will be particularly important for controlling workers’ compensation insurance rates during the current pandemic and the resulting economic fallout, which is projected to have a significant impact on future rates.

“I’m excited to be part of a company that is changing the story of workers’ compensation in California. For years, all types of employers, but specifically staffing agencies have felt like there was nothing they could do to control litigation, abuse and skyrocketing premiums. Now, with Samuel Hale, there is an affordable alternative. We offer a solution that is unlike anything else in the market,” explains Pent.

Insurance brokers, staffing agencies, and those in other industries who would liketo reduce and control their workers’ compensation costs should visit samuelhale.com.

About Samuel Hale

SAMUEL HALE, LLC helps protect California businesses from high and unpredictable employment costs caused by fraud and litigation in workers’ compensation claims. Samuel Hale welcomes businesses of all sizes and specifically, those with higher-than-average claims loss ratios and Ex-Mods.


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