January 14, 2020

Program Eliminates Workers’ Compensation Insurance Claim Litigation

FOLSOM, CALIFORNIA – Samuel Hale, LLC has launched a campaign to educate California employers about the workers’ compensation insurance disease that is killing their businesses – it’s called “CLAIMITIS” and Samuel Hale has the cure.

Historically, California businesses have paid an average of 300 percent more for workers’ compensation insurance than employers in any other state. While the benefits are virtually identical, California claim costs are inflated by fraud, prolonged medical treatment and early and unnecessary litigation. Consider these facts:

· Last year, California employers paid more in frictional costs than they paid to reimburse employees for lost wages.

· One in four lost-time claims are reported late – over one year past the date of injury.

· In most states, medical costs represent 70 percent of overall claim costs. In California, medical costs only represent 49 percent of overall claim costs.

· The cost to adjust claims in California is roughly twice that of the cost to adjust claims in other states.

In the past, some employers found relief with traditional methods of loss control, improved communications with employees, and by implementing a safety culture. However, little could be done to reduce the artificial inflammation of workers’ comp claims known as CLAIMITIS.

Now, there is an effective solution – thanks to a new program from Samuel Hale.

Samuel Hale launched its “Patriot” PEO program, which overcomes industry norms with a unique solution. The Patriot uses Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to combat fraud and excessive red tape in closing claims quickly. ADR can only be done through a carve-out agreement approved by the California Division of Workers’ Compensation. ADR has shown that it can save over 50 percent on overall claims costs which results in lower ex-mod rates and considerable savings on workers’ comp costs.

“Our program is designed to get better outcomes for injured employees and to eliminate claims that have no merit quickly. The carve-out allows disputes to be resolved with little to no frictional costs using a commonsense approach and allowing for better communication and support. Injured workers get their benefits and get back to work faster and employers save a tremendous amount of money,” says Samuel Hale CEO and founder, Michael A. DiManno.

Samuel Hale welcomes businesses of all sizes and specifically, those suffering with high ex-mods or claims costs. It is ideal for employers in the Light Industrial Temp Staffing, Warehousing, Restaurant and exploding Last Mile Delivery industries.

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About Samuel Hale

SAMUEL HALE, LLC helps protect California businesses from the unpredictable and high employment cost due to fraud and litigation in workers’ compensation claims. Created in 2016, the company is dedicated to eliminating fraud and unnecessary litigation in workers’ compensation claims and reducing clients’ workers’ compensation insurance premiums. Visit for more information.