October 11, 2019

Game changing solution offers insurance, pension and tech advantages

FOLSOM, CALIFORNIA – California workers’ compensation insurance provider Samuel Hale, LLC has introduced Samuel Hale Exchange (SHE), a groundbreaking solution which is proving to be a game changer for the California staffing industry.

Staffing agencies have always been challenged by high workers’ compensation insurance rates and in recent years, they’ve also struggled to attract and retain talent in a hyper-competitive labor market. Furthermore, they are inhibited by inefficient technology that hasn’t kept up with our mobile world. SHE helps staffing agencies save money and grow with a solution that overcomes all three of these obstacles.

SHE offers Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) through a carve-out agreement approved by the California Department of Workers’ Compensation. ADR has shown that it can save over 50% on the overall claims costs which, results in lower ex-mod rates and considerable savings on workers’ comp premiums. SHE employment services also includes employment practices liability insurance, safety and risk management assistance and free ACA compliance.

To help staffing agencies attract and retain top talent, SHE offers employee benefits, 24/7 telehealth access and a pension for worksite employees. “The pension (with two-year vesting) is a real differentiator that very few staffing agencies offer,” says Samuel Hale CEO and Founder, Michael A. DiManno. “Most temporary workers don’t have access to an employer-sponsored retirement savings vehicle, so this provides a unique value – best of all it’s funded with the savings generated by the work comp program,” he adds.

Automation is another key advantage made possible by SHE, providing staffing agencies with mobile technology that integrates with their existing software and standardizes the process of recording hours, job requirements and billing. The cloud-based solution suite also includes an applicant tracking system, paperless candidate onboarding, e-signature and job order matchmaker capabilities.

Samuel Hale Exchange has received rave reviews and experienced rapid adoption by staffing industry leaders. “This program is highly effective for staffing agencies of all sizes and backgrounds. We welcome accounts that are struggling with cumulative trauma claims, large reserves, and post-termination litigation,” DiManno says.

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