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How To Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims

Fraudulent workers’ compensation claims are one of the biggest issues plaguing Californian businesses today. To combat this issue, companies must understand how to reduce workers’ compensation claims if they are to make headway in moving away from this issue.

Samuel Hale understands the severity of this issue and has the tools, talent, and solution to help your business reduce its workers’ comp claims and to keep your business running smoothly, whether you run a small business or have progressively grown your headcount over the last several years. Here’s what you need to know.

Ensure Proper Employee Classification

One of the biggest issues surrounding workers’ compensation claims is that employees are not always correctly classified. This can have severe ramifications for you as an employer or staffing agency; incorrect employee classification may result in stiff payments and significant sums paid out in the long run.

Incorrect classification is entirely avoidable. If you know that an employee’s responsibilities do not align with their title or pay, you are inviting a claim. It is essential that you do not neglect to update any employees’ titles or responsibility changes. This is especially important if someone has been a contractor and is now an employee.

Make Sure Medical Documentation Is Sound

Another way to reduce your workers’ compensation claims is by making sure that all medical documents and evaluations are sound. An unfortunately common trend in workers’ compensation claims in California is poor or completely inaccurate medical documentation and assessments.

Less-than-perfect medical assessments can cost you and your company big time; if a worker presents a false assessment, it may mean that you’re stuck paying out significant amounts of money. However, if you suspect that the worker’s medical documentation or assessment seems off, it’s best to first enlist the help of a trusted medical professional to ensure an accurate evaluation. Moreover, take the time to follow up with the injured employee. Not only will this give you greater peace of mind, but will also let the worker know that you are keeping them and their recovery in mind.

Stay Safe

So many workers’ compensation claims are the result of an unsafe work environment. And, while many claims are legitimate, many are not. By having an unsafe work environment, you are inviting workers’ compensation claims by simply not addressing avoidable situations.

Of course, there are some industries where roles are never 100% free of risk. Still, make sure you do what you can to ensure a safer working environment. By doing so, you’re lowering your risk of workers’ compensation claims, and also taking responsibility for your employees’ safety.

Even jobs that are not necessarily as dangerous as other roles like warehouse or construction site positions come with some risks. Your desk workers may develop issues with their wrists, backs, or legs due to sitting too long or working on equipment that causes acute strain. Take the time to improve working conditions for your bottom line and your workers’ health.

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Get Your Free Claims Analysis With Samuel Hale

Knowing where you stand in terms of workers’ compensation claims is an excellent place to start in reducing those claims. Reach out to Samuel Hale today for the free claim analysis . We’ll create a custom plan for your business and help you navigate the complexities of any current claims. Let’s get started.