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How Employee Benefits Services Can Help Your Company

It’s become commonplace for employers to provide workers with benefits like a 401(k) and health insurance. In fact, many companies are finding that they need to provide additional benefits to be competitive in the hiring market. Including things like pet insurance, commuter benefits, and flexible paid time off are getting to be more common in some industries. At Samuel Hale, we understand the importance of employee benefits. Let us show you a few ways that our employee benefits services and the benefits themselves will help your company.

Creates a positive work environment

Sometimes a paycheck just isn’t enough to keep people coming to work. With the high cost of health care, the increasing cost of retirement, and the necessity to take time away from work, people are often looking for more than getting their direct deposit bi-monthly. You can save your employees thousands of dollars a year by providing them with health insurance, contributing to a 401(k), and offering even a week of PTO. These are a great start to boosting morale at your company and additional benefits will continue to do so. Getting the privilege to work at your company often isn’t enough to keep employees happy, there needs to be some kind of carrot to make it worth their while.

Gets top-tier talent as employees

If you want to get the best talent in your industry, there needs to be something that draws them to you. If your compensation isn’t significantly higher than one of your competitors who has a more affordable health insurance plan, you’re not going to bring in the people who are given the option between the two of you. It’s important to put together a benefits package that helps you compete with those in your industry so you get the top-tier talent that you’re looking for.

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Keeps the employees you have

Not only is a competitive benefits package important when you’re finding employees, but it’s also a big part of keeping your employees. Some employees are willing to leave a company and take a pay cut at another if the health insurance plan is better. Ultimately this could lead to a raise as they’re bringing home more money each month by not overpaying for insurance. The same can be true with schedule flexibility and PTO as it makes it easier for families to cater to their needs at home. Your employees will stay with you for the long run if you have a strong benefits package.

Keeps your team healthier

The first thought that comes to mind with keeping your team healthy is a good health insurance plan. While this is key to having healthy employees as they’re much more likely to visit a doctor when they’re ill with good insurance, there are other aspects of strong benefits that will keep your employees healthy.

For instance, there are thousands of work hours lost each year during cold and flu season because employees feel the need to come into work when they’re sick, which makes it difficult for them to get better and spreads sickness to other employees. Furthermore, people need to take time off of work and recharge. If they’re limited in their ability to take a few days off work, you’re going to have team members who are burnt out and possibly even dealing with mental illnesses that aren’t being addressed. Whether it’s available sick time or the ability to work remotely, you can keep everyone in your office healthier.

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