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Commonly Asked Questions About Samuel Hale’s California Employer Services And Programs

Often, we hear business owners expressing a strong interest in seeing what our team at Samuel Hale can do to reduce the burdens imposed by our state’s workers’ compensation system.

Generally, many of our potential clients hear about our services from our current valued clients or a story in the news media. They want to know more about how we can roll back some of the worst aspects of dealing with California workers’ compensation problems.

For your convenience, we have listed a few commonly asked questions about the California Employer Services And Programs and what Samuel Hale can do to help regarding any problem.

What Do You Mean By “Claimitis?”

Too many businesses know first hand about serious attacks of “claimitis.”  Claimitis occurs when employees seek to take unfair advantage of both their employer and the system. It directly results in increased instances of fraud and abuse.

Claimitis features a number of red flags, including, but not limited to:

  • Claims made post-firing
  • Instances of cumulative trauma
  • Claims for multiple body parts
  • Appeals filed

Claimitis has helped to make California’s workers’ compensation system the most burdensome in America. Fortunately, Samuel Hale has a cure.

Is California’s Workers’ Compensation System Truly Broken?

California’s $20 billion per year workers’ compensation system is the costliest in America and shows no signs of improvement. According to the Sacramento Bee, even periodic reforms are driven by the desires of special interests instead of the needs of both employers and workers.

Today the average claim for those not participating in special programs, such as the ones offered by Samuel Hale, can take two years to process. Workers with legitimate injuries have to wait longer for resolution. Employers have to pay more in legal fees and the opportunity cost of time wasted.

At Samuel Hale, we know that there is a better way than claimitis and a broken bureaucratic system.

What Is the Patriot System?

The Patriot System provides for an expedited process of handling workers’ comp claims. Injured workers can receive medical attention in a more timely fashion. Employers receive additional protections against false claims that can result in fraud. The entire process costs less.

Samuel Hale can help your business get better protection and results through the Patriot System.

How Can Samuel Hale Help?

Our clients tell us that services through the Patriot System serve as a vast improvement over using the conventional Workers’ Compensation process.

In addition to protecting your business and providing you and your employees added peace of mind, Samuel Hale also delivers payroll administration, safety and loss control management, and participation in the PACT which delivers free healthcare benefits, a pension plan, bonuses and many other benefitrs that help to retain and recruit workers.

How Much Faster Will Claims Get Resolved With Samuel Hale?

While each case is different and we can make no guarantees, we can provide averages. The average claim without Samuel Hale takes over two years to process.

Our clients who take advantage of the Patriot System and our other services see claims resolved, on average, in less than six months.

Reach Out Today

We invite you to contact us to learn more about how Samuel Hale can resolve workers’ compensation issues easier, faster, and with less potential exposure to fraud and abuse. Call today if you have any questions about how the Patriot System works. Our professional and expert staff can answer any queries about our California employer services or schedule you for a no-obligation consultation.

We look forward to helping you find better efficiency and protection in workers’ compensation issues.