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Benefits Of Working With Claims Administrative Services For Workers’ Comp

Dealing with workers’ claims can be a long and challenging process. Whether you have to handle the claim from start to finish or work through verification processes and red tape, it takes a considerable amount of experience to ensure it’s all done correctly. With help from claims administrative services with Samuel Hale, you don’t have to worry about it. Read more below to learn how you and your employees will benefit from hiring our team.

Experienced staff

There are many nuances that come with navigating the workers’ comp system. You might find that what you did for one person doesn’t work for the latest claim you filed. Experienced staff can easily understand the differences in circumstances surrounding each person injured on the job so the proper steps can be taken to get their claim moving. Our team has years of experience working with the workers’ comp system, so you can be confident that we’ll see to it that a claim is handled correctly all the way to when your employee returns to work.

Client support

It doesn’t matter if the workers’ comp claim is a minor injury that gets resolved within a few weeks or a long-term claim that will go with an individual for the rest of their life; you’re probably going to need some degree of support along the way. Claims administrative services are an excellent resource for extensive knowledge regarding the workers’ comp system. We can provide you with guidance when the claim stalls in the system or things get overly complicated.

Coordinates insurance processes

Working with one insurance company isn’t easy. With workers’ comp claims, there are often multiple companies involved that can make the process much more difficult to manage. A claims administration team can help you manage the go-between for each and keep each aspect of the process running smoothly. You’ll find that lost wages compensation, medical care, and pharmaceutical therapy can be difficult to keep straight when you’re doing it all yourself. Claims administration services are meant to do it for you.

Tracks the claim’s progress

Not all claims go straight from start to finish without issues. It’s not uncommon to hit a snag somewhere in the process. Working with claims administrative services takes the weight off your shoulders by following the claim through the process and providing solutions to problems that are encountered along the way. We can provide you and your employee with updates regarding the status of the claim and finally let you know what the case has been resolved.

Pharmaceutical therapy management

Making sure that your employee receives the necessary pharmaceutical therapy for the duration of their claim can be difficult. Doctors and insurance companies aren’t always on the same page regarding what’s necessary or the best course of therapy. Rejected pharmaceutical claims can leave your employee frustrated with everyone involved. Claims administrative services can help manage the pharmaceutical side of treatment to ensure that the proper treatment is administered according to what the medical provider is prescribing.

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Find out more about how claims administrative services can help your company and employees more effectively work with the workers’ comp program in California. Our team of experts is here to provide you with advice about how you can help your employees get the treatment they need so they can return to work faster. Give us a call at 855-726-4253 or send a message using our email.