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3 Ways California Employers Can Keep Employees Happy

How Employers Can Keep Employees Happy?

The scramble for top talent in California continues to get more intense, and employers are increasingly realizing the need to provide an environment that satisfies employees. Doing so increases productivity in the short term, while in the long run it reduces employee turnover and helps to attract the best recruits.

Samuel Hale helps employers eliminate workers’ comp fraud and save on compensation premiums. Helping California employers in those ways has also given us insight into what keeps employees happy, inspired, and ready to work at their best.

These are three of the most effective things, for using these California employers can keep employees happy!

1. Provide a professionally nurturing environment

An essential part of keeping employees engaged in their roles is offering them opportunities to grow their professional skills. You can do this by providing training opportunities. It’s even better to make them varied so your workers have more choice, and so they can make use of the ones that align with their professional interests.

Likewise, you can ensure that you’re giving employees additional responsibilities to allow them to make use of their growing skills.

Your California employees will also respond well to you showing them clear, practical career paths that they can follow as their abilities grow.

An environment that promotes professional growth keeps employees satisfied while also creating an outlet for them to work towards their ambitions within your company. This leaves you with a motivated and increasingly capable workforce.

And because of this, your employees will be much less tempted to look for opportunities outside your company. You’ll also benefit from increased productivity and continually expanding skillsets.

3 Ways California Employers Can Keep Employees Happy

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2. Offer personal support

Although your employees may be happy about the professional environment you’ve created, a company culture that doesn’t recognize their personal needs can easily dissatisfy them.

Account for circumstances your employees might face and how you can help as a company. This can include providing adequate support for expecting parents or those looking to adopt.

Another effective way of showing sensitivity to employees’ personal needs is emphasizing work-life balance. Even if you’re in an industry in which long hours are inevitable, you can adapt your company policy to factor in enough time for personal activities.

You can also create pathways and opportunities for your workers to raise personal issues that can potentially affect the quality of their work.

If possible for your company, you should also consider increasing the flexibility of your PTO.

3. Provide comprehensive benefits packages

Few things are as effective at keeping employees happy as giving them appropriate compensation. You can do this by creating a comprehensive benefits package that ensures multiple aspects of your workers’ welfare.employees tend to appreciate ancillary benefits, especially when they’re composable. This makes it possible to pick out the ones that fit each employees’ exact situation and needs.

These can be in the form of various 401k investments, along with insurance policies such as life, health, and pet.

However, you’ll need to be careful about exposing yourself to fraudulent claims, especially with the dysfunctional state of California’s workers’ comp system.

Become one of the California employers with the most satisfied employees without taking on new legal risk

In trying to create a more positive environment for your employees, you’re likely going to end up exposing yourself to fraudulent workers’ comp claims and litigation. Samuel Hale can help you avoid this risk, ensuring that your well-meaning initiatives don’t end up costing you. Call us at 855-726-4253.